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Rushing Enterprises Celebrates 50 Glorious Years of Innovation and Excellence

– A Golden Jubilee of Success!"

See 50 Years Of Rushing History

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Oct. 15th, 1974

Harold Rushing found his future in floor care through a rental service for dust mats and mops.


Harold Rushing decided to act upon his entrepreneurial dreams and began a part-time venture by offering a commercial rental service for dust mats and mops. 

The office of the part-time enterprise was started in a bedroom in the Rushing's home. The dust mats were cleaned on the back patio of the house.

A couple of months later the building shown in the picture on Whitten Alley was acquired. Harold Rushing borrowed $300 from a local bank to start his humble enterprise.


He payed $20/mo in rent for the small space that even needed repairing to keep the rain out.


The Rushing family began working nights and weekends cleaning commercial office spaces to make ends meet at home and to keep the new business afloat.

1978 - A facility was purchased for office and warehouse expansion to meet the needs of the floor care chemical business, which grew to three states.



A Family Legacy Began!

Harold Rushing's son, Marty Rushing,

joins his father in full-time operations.

As Marty watched his father's commitment to the Rushing Enterprises vision, he recognized an opportunity to grow the family legacy alongside his father and friend, Harold.

Old PCS.png


Rushing Enterprises purchases new facility for the expansion of dust mat, and dust mop service.

Rushing Enterprises' unique commercial service and commitment to excellence allowed expansion to over 300 customers throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Southwest Georgia, and the Florida panhandle.


Rushing Enterprises enters the pressure wash and product sales business as a product distributor.

That same year, Rushing Enterprises growth

required the opening of two new offices, one in

Fulton, MS and one in Hattiesburg, MS.

In 1986 Rushing Enterprises is recognized as a top distributor in the nation for the country's leading pressure wash product manufacturer.

no 1 distributor awards.jpg

The Rushing Enterprises Story Is One of Legacy And A Committment To Exceed Expectations Of Our Customers.

Enjoy the short video that shows who we are.



As Rushing Enterprises marks its golden 50th anniversary this year,

we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible journey we've embarked on, and it's only fitting to express our deepest appreciation to the true champions of our success – our cherished customers.


Through five decades of growth and achievement, it is the unwavering support, loyalty, and trust of our customers that have truly shaped the essence of Rushing Enterprises. Every purchase, partnership, and shared moment has contributed to our story. So, here's a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful customers who have been the driving force behind our success. Your continued inspiration fuels our commitment to excellence, and we look forward to many more years of serving you with the utmost dedication. Cheers to 50 years of partnership and prosperity!



In celebrating the momentous occasion of Rushing Enterprises' 50th anniversary this year, we stand in awe of the remarkable individuals who form the backbone of our success – our exceptional employees.

Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment have been the driving force behind our extraordinary journey spanning five decades. On this special milestone, we extend heartfelt gratitude to every team member who has played an integral role in shaping the Rushing Enterprises' family. Your hard work and tireless efforts have not only defined but elevated the very essence of Rushing Enterprises. We are profoundly thankful for your invaluable contributions as we toast to 50 years of growth, achievement, and the ongoing inspiration that fuels excellence each and every day.


Rushing Enterprises introduces fleet wash product manufacturing.


Driven by market demand, Rushing Enterprises makes the strategic decision to establish its own manufacturing facility for these products. This strategic move not only enhances their operational capabilities but also empowers them to penetrate diverse markets across the United States.



Rushing Enterprises builds a new facility for the growth and expansion necessary for the new millennium

Rushing Enterprises achieved the remarkable milestone of growing to over 500 satisfied customers in both its floor care and fleet wash products divisions.



Harold Rushing retires from full-time operations at Rushing, leaving the helm to his son and senior partner, Marty Rushing.

Rushing Enterprises introduces food safety products to the marketplace experiencing explosive growth.

Addison Rushing1.jpg


Addison Rushing ushers in new era at Rushing Enterprises, upholding family legacy.

Addison brings a dynamic vision and a profound understanding of the values that have propelled Rushing Enterprises to prominence.


His strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence reflect not only his personal ethics, but also a profound respect for the company's storied past and a steadfast dedication to shaping its promising future.

checmical bldg.png


Rushing Enterprises Unveils State-of-the-Art Cleaning Products Manufacturing Facility.

This stop along the timeline heralded a new era of innovation and efficiency for the company. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the market, this modern facility not only expanded production capabilities but also enabled Rushing Enterprises to stay ahead of the competition.

Alex Rushing1.jpg


Following in his father and brother's Footsteps: Alex Rushing joins Rushing Enterprises two years after Addison, establishing a one-of-a-kind legacy in the Rushing family.

With exceptional talent and the ability to succeed professionally in business, Alex chose the family business and to continue building the legacy with The Rushing family.

Manufacturing Warehouse.png


Rushing Enterprises Develops a national footprint.

With the help of the Rushing Enterprises Family of dedicated employees and their unrelenting commitment to service, Rushing Enterprises was able to grow from a few states regionally in the 80's to a large national footprint in the fleet wash products business.


Rushing Enterprises hits the 2,000 customer milestone, having grown from 500 customers in 2004.


2018 was also the same year Marty Rushing made the bold decision to bring all manufacturing under-roof.


This allowed the company to no longer have to outsource any aspect of their business. This gave Rushing Enterprises a position in the market that very few in business today can enjoy. It gave them the ability to control every aspect of the customer experience and deliverables. 


2023...and beyond.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to streamline processes, optimize workflows, and deliver unparalleled products.

At Rushing Enterprises, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of technology to drive efficiency and innovation for both our valued clients and dedicated employees.


As we step into the future, the execution of new technology-focused strategies will never lose sight of our cherished legacy as a family business. Rooted in a culture of excellence and personalized service, we continue to foster a supportive and collaborative environment where every individual plays a vital role in our collective success.


As the future unfolds, you can trust in our unwavering commitment to surpassing expectations while preserving the timeless values that define us as more than just a company - but a trusted partner in your journey towards success.


Rushing Enterprises is a national leader in the design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation of fleet truck wash cleaning systems and cleaning products.


Our cleaning machines provide decades of uninterrupted use and longevity.  Our cleaning products lead our Industry in every respect providing unmatched cleaning performance. We service what we sell and provide a level of customer response that is second to none. We don’t just say we place customers first, we actually place our Customers’ First!  

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