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Step Two Alkaline Cleaners

Rushing Enterprises' Step 2 cleaning products are alkaline in nature and are designed to follow and compliment...

...our Step 1 cleaning products by shocking the acidic cleaning product with direct alkalinity which loosens road soils and allows most effective cleaning.


Our Step 2 products also work to promote a neutral to low alkaline pH level for acceptable effluent discharge in municipalities where pH control is imperative.

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RUSHING ENTERPRISES... a national leader in the design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation of fleet truck wash cleaning systems and cleaning products.


Our cleaning machines provide decades of uninterrupted use and longevity.  Our cleaning products lead our Industry in every respect providing unmatched cleaning performance.


We service what we sell and provide a level of customer response that is second to none. We don’t just say we place customers first, we actually place our Customers’ First!  

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