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REK-3000 System

Rushing Enterprises ultimate level wash system sets the standard for trucking industry equipment cleaning

Rushing Enterprises REK-3000 drive-through wash system is the most complete truck cleaning system available.


The REK-3000 includes all the features of the REK-1000 model but goes far beyond with key system upgrade options and cleaning options such as:


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The 3000 features:

  • Independent rear door chemical application – step 1 and step 2 arches


  • SN-250 Underbody Corrosion Mitigation System- chemical application removes soil and changes/converts salt crystals to protective layers.

  • Independent front and cab rear rinse system using heavy-duty CAT pumps.


  • Upgraded PLC control system includes wireless data recording, remote access for troubleshooting issues and software upgrades, Maintenance interval screens and pop-up message feature to notify of pending service needs.


  • Includes water softening system and hot water heater for heated chemical application.​​

  • High Pressure Undercarriage Rinse

  • High Pressure Side Rinse using Turbo nozzles for direct impingement

  • High Pressure on the Front and Rear Door Rinse.

  • Drag Mop Assembly

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RUSHING ENTERPRISES... a national leader in the design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation of fleet truck wash cleaning systems and cleaning products.


Our cleaning machines provide decades of uninterrupted use and longevity.  Our cleaning products lead our Industry in every respect providing unmatched cleaning performance.


We service what we sell and provide a level of customer response that is second to none. We don’t just say we place customers first, we actually place our Customers’ First!  

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