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2020! What a year! The most unusual personal and business year I can ever recall in more  than six decades on this planet. In the United States we have dealt with and continue to deal  with the most far reaching Pandemic of our lives. The virus has forced complete change in the  way we interact as people, as families, as business associates, as Americans. Add to that the  divisive political climate of 2020 and we have a recipe for a very interesting 2021.


We’ve been forced to “stay home”, “wear masks”, “keep our distance from each other”, shut  down or greatly lessen our Holiday family gatherings. Where does this all end? A vaccine? Will  this virus eventually “wear itself out”? Can we develop “herd immunity”? 

Seems like we are frantically grasping for anything/anyone that “has the answer”. I (we at  Rushing Enterprises) do not profess to “have the answers”, yet it occurs to me (us) we do in  fact have a large part of the answer. And the answer is simpler that we may know or realize.  The answer lies within ourselves. The answer lies within each other. 

Think about the past several months. Who are the people, suppliers, etc. both personal and  businesswise in your lives that you can count on most? Have they changed dramatically? Have  their business models or technical support of your efforts changed? Or have they possibly  become stronger? Even more dependable! 

In our quest at Rushing Enterprises to “Regain Normalcy” we are focusing on the people and  the areas of our lives that we have found to be most important and most dependable. We  renew our focus on our faith. We believe God is in control. We place our focus on our families  – our source of strength – We focus on our employees and the amazing relationships we have  with each other developed over many years of working together.  

And we renew our focus to provide the same or better level of incredible cleaning products,  top-notch cleaning machines, and dependable, repeatable, technical support we always have  been known to provide to our Industry, to our Customers. 

So, I suppose one could easily say, regardless of circumstance we maintain HOPE! HOPE in a  power greater than our own, HOPE in our families, HOPE in our customer relationships, and  HOPE that by continuing to do the right things for our customers our relationships will become  all the more iron-clad. 

We trust you also embrace our HOPE and we at Rushing Enterprises wish you and your families  a very Merry Christmas and the best of health and HOPE for the coming year! Thank you to  our customers that have placed their trust in us.

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